August 4, 2021

Dodgers: In Gerrit Cole Sweepstakes, Yankees Concerned with LA Preference (Dodgers Nation)

We are just days away from the beginning of the Winter Meetings in San Diego and it appears the hot stove is already heating up around baseball. Preliminary meetings have been taking place with Stephen Strasburg, Anthony Rendon, and Gerrit Cole with numerous teams involved in the bidding for each of the top names.

The New York Yankees have been widely reported to have ace Gerrit Cole at the top of their off-season wish list, but according to Jon Heyman, they might be scared of Cole picking a Southern California team — Angels or Dodgers — over the Big Apple.

Cole attended high school at Orange Lutheran in Orange County, but also attended UCLA in Los Angeles County. The right-hander is born and bred a California boy and he may stay true to his roots this off-season. According to previous reports, however, Cole has no preference either way when it comes to…

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