July 29, 2021

Why Josh Hader is a risk the Mets cannot take (New York Post)

The Mets are a win-now team. So they should take some risks to go for their first championship since 1986, in part because part of this window is tied to how long Jacob deGrom endures as an ace, and already two of the best pitching seasons in Mets history have been squandered on non-playoff teams.

But there are risks and then there are RISKS. For the Mets, Josh Hader belongs in that second category. There is so much talent in Hader’s left arm. Yet, the potential for peril is so great that the Mets must pass and use their assets elsewhere.

The Brewers will indeed listen on Hader, as Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic first reported in an article in which the Mets were linked as a team that could have interest because bullpen is a need and because Brodie Van Wagenen was formerly the lefty’s agent at CAA. But two CAA lefty relievers — the best in free agency — in Will Smith (Braves) and Drew Pomeranz (Padres) signed recently without any indication the Mets were trying for them.

Plus, outside teams believe the Mets are prioritizing center field. If the Mets wanted to take a risk and the Brewers were willing to mitigate some salary by taking on Jed Lowrie ($10 million)…

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