August 4, 2021

What Are We Thankful For as Dodgers Fans? | DN Round Table (Dodgers Nation)

If you weren’t fortunate enough to have caught Dodgers Team Historian Mark Langill on Episode 89 of the Blue Heaven Podcast, please do yourself a favor and take a listen. Throughout a fascinating hour, he talks about not only the great history of the franchise, but reminds all of us to be thankful for all of the moments – good, bad, or incredibly painful – this team has given us over the years, as they could just as easily never moved to California, and if they hadn’t, simply would not exist.   

I for one, am grateful for the team all of the memorable moments the Dodgers provide us, as it means that I care. Two years ago this week, even after the heartbreak of the 2017 World Series, I still felt grateful enough to easily come up with five reasons why I am so grateful to be a fan of this organization…and not much has changed since then.

As fans of this team, we have much to be thankful for, not just on Thanksgiving but throughout the year.

And so this year, as families across the US prepare for the annual upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, our Dodgers Nation family shares…

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