August 4, 2021

Trevor Bauer’s $300,000 sports car destroyed in freak accident (New York Post)

On this Thanksgiving, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer should toast his insurance.

Bauer’s $300,000 sports car was totaled Tuesday when a tire fell off a semi-truck on a nearby highway, made its way across six lanes of traffic and smashed into the dealership where his 2016 McLaren 650S was stationed, TMZ reported.

No one was hurt, and Bauer had some fun at his own expense.

“Yesterday, if you told me a semi truck would total my Mclaren, I would’ve believed you,” the 28-year-old tweeted. “If you told me it would happen like THIS? I would’ve said you’re out of your mind. If this isn’t @Mayhem I don’t know what is @Allstate.”

Bauer, who has made $30 million to date in nine MLB seasons, thankfully had the car insured.

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