August 4, 2021

Dodgers: Ken Rosenthal Talks About Why LA is Interested in Josh Donaldson (Dodgers Nation)

Just less than a week ago, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Dodgers are still hot on the trail of free agent third baseman Josh Donaldson. Remember – Donaldson is off a phenomenal year – one that won him the NL Comeback Player of the Year Award in the National League.

Now, MLB Network has invited Rosenthal aboard to talk about why the Dodgers are so interested in Donaldson. Here’s a video of the segment before we break down the money quotes from Kenny.

First, Rosenthal talks in detail about why the Dodgers are interested in Donaldson. Perhaps they see Donaldson as a veteran who can get them over the top due to his personality type.

“I expect he’s going to do well, and anticipate he gets three or four years around the same salary amount of $23 million. The Dodgers are one team that are interested, and the reason that they are interested is the edge that Donaldson brings.

He is not your typical leader – in some ways and according to some – he’s an acquired taste. While he had some issues fitting in…

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