June 13, 2021

Jacoby Ellsbury doctor details origins of Yankees’ fight for millions (New York Post)

The war between the Yankees and Jacoby Ellsbury continued to escalate Monday as the doctor at the heart of the explosive contractual dispute argued that he never treated the oft-injured outfielder for a work-related injury and never provided him or any athlete with performance-enhancing drugs.

Dr. Viktor Bouquette told The Athletic that his clinic, the Progressive Medical Center (PMC) in Atlanta, “focuses not on rehabilitating specific injuries but on reducing inflammation in patients by identifying and treating its underlying causes.”

The Yankees are attempting to recoup some or all of the final $26 million they owe on Ellsbury’s $153 million albatross contract, charging he used the facility without their authorization to rehab injuries that sidelined him for all of the past two seasons.

The Post reported Friday that once Ellsbury cleared release waivers last week, the Yankees immediately sent a letter to the MLB Players Association notifying the union of their intention to convert Ellsbury’s contract from guaranteed to non-guaranteed, thereby clearing them of the outfielder’s $21 million salary for 2020 as well as a $5 million buyout of a $21 million team…

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