June 19, 2021

Dodgers Renovation News: New Elevator Up at Dodger Stadium (Dodgers Nation)

If you haven’t been to Dodger Stadium this off-season, you’ve probably missed some of the early looks at the renovations underway ahead of the 2020 season. In July of this year, Dodgers President Stan Kasten announced wholesale changes to the area behind the pavilions in center field that would act as an official front door to the 57 year-old stadium.

Additionally, the new two-acre center field plaza will “include a Sandy Koufax statue, unique food offerings, retail space, and entertainment and kids area.” But perhaps most importantly, the stadium will now offer more elevators around the bowl.

If you haven’t seen it, this is how it looks so far.

Along with the elevator — there’s another one on the third base line as well — scaffolding has been set up in the right field pavilion as the renovation moves into the next demolition phase. This is a change from the last time we were out at the stadium.

In July, Kasten had this to say,

Dodger Stadium has always been and remains the most beautiful place ever built to…

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