July 30, 2021

Dodgers Listed on Anthony Rendon Suitor Power Rankings (Dodgers Nation)

The Anthony Rendon to the Los Angeles Dodgers rumors continue to make noise—and for good reason, since he is one of the best players in baseball.

In an article by Will Leitch on MLB.com titled The Rendon suitor power rankings, the Dodgers are listed as the second most likely team, out of 11 total, to sign the free-agent third baseman.

Here is what Leitch said of the possible move:

Justin Turner is obviously the third baseman right now, but he’s only under contract for one more year and has shown a willingness to move to first base if Rendon (or, say, Josh Donaldson) comes to town. That would push Max Muncy to second base and make Gavin Lux a utility guy, which actually makes a little bit of sense.

More to the point: You’d only need to do all the moving around for one year until Turner’s contract expires. And there’s no way the Dodgers — who, one reminds, 

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