August 4, 2021

Dodgers: 3 Things Yimi Garcia Should Focus on in the Off-Season (Dodgers Nation)

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Yimi Garcia hasn’t exactly been a fan favorite over the past few years as an LA Dodger. He was very effective in 2015, but injuries derailed him the next three seasons. After finally coming back to pitch a full season in 2019, there were really no memorable moments to speak of, and plenty of lowlights. Although, he wasn’t quite as bad as some may recall.

Yimi Garcia (2019)
ERA 3.61
FIP 5.19
xFIP 4.90
K% 26.7%
BB% 5.7%
fWAR -0.3

While his ERA wasn’t abhorrent, his peripherals were. This is largely due to his elite batted ball profile (which FIP and xFIP doesn’t care about), but his tendency to give up lots of fly balls and home runs (which they do). 

This elite batted ball profile is worth noting, as Yimi was as good as anyone at limiting soft contact in regards to balls in play.

With this in mind, I believe Yimi Garcia has the makings to be a legitimate asset in the Dodgers ‘pen next year with a few notable tweaks. Let’s take a look at them:

Fastball Pitch…

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