July 30, 2021

How Francesa, Kay and Russo have covered sign-stealing story (New York Post)

The Astros’ sign-stealing story has captured the attention of sports talk radio titans Mike Francesa, Michael Kay and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, but each of these well-known voices this week has had their own unique take on the controversy.

On Tuesday, the Astros announced their intention to cooperate with Major League Baseball in investigating allegations they illegally, electronically stole signs from opponents in 2017 by utilizing a center-field camera in Minute Maid Park focused on the other team’s catcher and then deploying methods — most notably relying on employees or players to bang on a trash can to signal when a breaking pitch or offspeed pitch was coming — to alert the hitter at the plate.

Francesa said he thought this matter has been overblown.

“I get so tired of these stories,” the longtime WFAN host said, interrupting a caller who wanted to talk about the topic. “I’m telling you. I’ve never been a big believer in this stuff. … It’s silly. It’s silly.”

Francesa also said he didn’t believe it’s so easy for the players to cheat for technological reasons and that most players don’t like to get signs.

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