June 19, 2021

Four new rules that could help improve baseball (we think) (The Athletic)

Well folks, that’s it! The final label has been placed lovingly atop the 2019 baseball season, and it now goes into the filing cabinet while we begin to carefully hand-write “2020” on a fresh clean folder, soon to be filled with another novel of drama and intrigue. In an effort to improve the game, MLB made some changes in 2019: they eliminated the non-waiver trade deadline, held an “election day” for the All-Star Game, and awarded $1 million to the Home Run Derby winner. In addition, they announced that 2020 will see a three-batter minimum for relief pitchers and a 26-man roster (expanded to just 28 instead of 40 in September).

In the spirit of constant betterment, here are four more rules that I believe would improve baseball. Perhaps the improvements would be marginal, but — to alter a Voltaire quote slightly — the perfect is the enemy of the good. We won’t ever make baseball perfect, but can we make it better? Of course! Growth is…

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